Thursday, 6 June 2013

Rubbish in the river

Hi all!

Room 10 read a book called Rubbish in the River and saw that rubbish is a big problem!! We did some great thinking or what we saw, why it was like that and what else we wondered. That helped us think of solutions. 

We wrote about what we saw: 

I can see rubbish and plastic in the river.
I can't see lots and lots of people picking up rubbish.

I can see rubbish and not much water. There would need  to be lots of people to take it out. 

There are no fish.

We wrote about why we thought the river was like that:

I think some people need to pick up their rubbish.

The river was a mess because people threw rubbish all over the river! They are not recycling. They are making bad choices. This is bad for the fish and the water.

Then we wrote about what we wondered and what the solution might be:

Why don’t they use their initiative and pick up the rubbish and take care of the environment?

Why don't people use their green bins? I can see plastic. Why don't people recycle?

How can we help?
Room 10

What great ideas! Why don't more people recycle? How could we help this?


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